Before we talk about the features of 5G it should be well known to us that what 5G is? 5G is the next generation mobile broadband technology that absolutely will take place of 4G LTE broadband due to its lightning fast speed and reliability. 5G will decrease latency which is now a big challenge for game servers and others.

Here is the general rundown:

  • Speeds: As 5G is improving data transfer speed which is the basic requirement of any network. Peak data speed can reach to 100mbps for download and 50mbps for upload. Which is the fastest speed ever in mobile broadband networks.
  • Latency: latency is the most important thing after speed for a network. Latency is the term which is defined as the time interval between stimulation and response which should be 4 milliseconds at ideal conditions and demand is 1 millisecond. Here 5G come which decreasing the latency drastically.
  • Station data rate: 5G will provide 20Gbps download speed and 10Gbps upload speed to a station (This is not a speed that you will experience until you take a dedicated connection) which is then shared by multiple connected users.
  • Mobility: Mobility is also considerable factor in these days. We all have to travel from one place to another for many purposes to high speed mean. This high-speed mean can be a car, a bus or be train. But with 5G no matter you are on train you will experience the same speed because 5G is offering high mobility which is 0-310mph.
  • Density of Connections: As density is also an important factor these. It is because we all are having more than one gadget. So, these more IoT things needs a fast network. Unlike LTE 5G is offering connection density of 1million connections per square kilometers. Which is now a revolutionary feature.

What 5G can do?

Auto Vehicles: 5G technology will help automotive technology in automation of vehicles. It’ll connect multiple vehicles on a road and automations technology and will help to communicate with each other to improve driving experience on a road.

Suppose you are going on a road and faces and unexpected collision due to snow on road. If any automated system let the know this situation to all the peoples on that road. This can save many lives.

Health-Care: The feature of 5G of URLLC will help many health care's instruments. 5G’s low latency will improve Physical therapy via AR, telemedicine, precision surgery and remote surgery etc.

Internet of Things (IoT): These days our sensors are communicating with each other to determine or identify a situation with the connection of LTE, but when this connection will shift 5G with very low latency then the revolution will come. We will have more précised determined situation. By using the 5G feature of high connection density it’ll be possible for all sensors to connect the same station to communicate with each other.

So, where is 5G now?

When will you be facialized with 5G technology? This depends upon your living place. As this technology needs more advanced instruments on high towers and other essential things.