Samsung and Xiaomi


Samsung was incorporated in 1938 and started its business with trading initially and after then in 2012 Samsung Group had 19 listed companies in the Korean Exchange, while the Xiaomi was founded by eight partners on 2010. But in a short span of time it has gained a huge followership in market and a huge business as well Because of best quality Smartphone in low competitive prices with favorable high results in value for money.

People use Phones according to their personality and their personal mindset of choices.

Samsung is not only the pioneer of the Smartphone market rather it is the king of quality and style producer in Smartphone gadgets. Initially Samsung started production in plastic oriented casings but latterly started production metallic based phones in Galaxy 6 series and many others phones in flagship category. Samsung phones are costly a little bit in comparison with Xiaomi phones but are quality products in every aspect of the Smartphone category, i.e. cameras are more better, battery life is more time and the processor are of good quality and the overall phone’s looks are very charming and attractive and looks classy.

Xiaomi phones in comparison with the Samsung phones are mid range priced phones with good quality features. Xiaomi products are for the mid range or less costly phone users who want all the features in a low price range but not demand a full flagship category. Xiaomi phones are good value for money phone.

Samsung invest a lot on the R&D (Research and Development) annually so Samsung brings new shaped as well as new technology phones as its recent launch of Galaxy fold smart phone that can be folded and brings you high quality display phones with super AMOLED display technology. With all these qualities and new innovations Samsung phones are unique in features and configuration and a perfect brand tag as well value for money. If you are already Samsung phone user you never like other brands due to uniqueness of their features and results, and if you are not user yet you definitely go for the flagship phones in Samsung brand and If you want to go for a low range try Samsung Galaxy M30 with a high brand value for money.

Xiaomi smart phones are low price range good quality smart phones. Xiaomi know that many people always demand high quality results with Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa core processor, a good averaged life battery and high quality cameras in a low range price. One of the biggest features of Xiaomi phones is its IR blaster sensor technology. Redmi Note 7 Pro is a famous and successful phone in Smartphone market having Snapdragon 675 processor, 48 megapixel camera features in a very low price tag.

Latest smart phones in market and their comparison in a glance

 Both the companies are introducing products after a very short interval of time to grab the market in low range to high range and the results are in favor of the audiences as due to competition people are more able to experience new and more refined products having latest technologies in competitive price range.